In many business situations where a company has a few in-house maintenance people, every big piece of work on a building begins with the same question: can our team just do it themselves?

However, in many cases, it just isn’t fair to a general maintenance team to tackle specialized kinds of work. HVAC repair and maintenance is really one of those cases.

Here are eight reasons why it’s easier and more cost-effective for professional, specialized teams to handle HVAC jobs like commercial insulation repair.

1. Certifications

First, professional commercial HVAC teams have specialized certifications and credentials in hand that help them to accomplish fixes and upgrades with a minimum of hassle. For example, ductwork cleaning companies get accredited with the National Air Duct Cleaner’s Association, which helps give business owners’ peace of mind that things will be done right.

2. A Schedule Tailored to Business Needs

Specialized HVAC teams deal with ductwork and other HVAC infrastructure all day, every day, so they can have more scheduling ability than an in-house team that’s also doing things like drywall/plaster, trim, signage, etc. In addition, a specialized commercial HVAC contractor has only one priority: your business.

3. Working Around Obstacles

Whether it’s ductwork, blowers, or other parts of an HVAC system, outside HVAC firms know how to get the work done without harming other elements of a commercial building, such as walls, high-tech air handling units, sprinklers, or anything else that may get in the way. Building owners who have seen a DIY guy demolish something in the HVAC work area by mistake will always want a professional HVAC team to do the work in the future.

4. Going Inside

NADCA-certified teams are more likely to be able to get inside ductwork systems effectively. This can have obvious advantages in terms of work results, and energy efficiency after the work is done. Businesses don’t have to settle for amateur results.

5. Brand Knowledge

Another big plus when going with a specialized HVAC team is their knowledge of different brand machines and systems.

In fact, a commercial building may have more than one brand of air duct system installed, which makes this in-depth knowledge all the more valuable. Where in-house or DIY teams may need to make special purchases and read up on certain brands, professional HVAC companies are likely to have the right parts and know-how the first time around.

6. Courtesy Calls

Another benefit of specialized HVAC teams is the care and attention that they bring to each task. In-house workers may not have the same level of detail. Outside HVAC firms should bring a careful approach to the workspace, using protective matting, specific blower handling protocols, and generally treating business assets well.

7. Chain of Command

When an entry-level tech doesn’t know what to do with system troubleshooting, he or she calls the big guys.

That’s not something that a small, in-house maintenance team can do when confronted with unanticipated challenges. But a specialized HVAC firm will kick bigger issues up the chain until someone comes on site who can make sure that the client gets the energy efficiency, air quality and other results they need.

8. Licensed & Insured

This separates top-quality shops from the rest – and it makes a difference.

Don’t trust commercial HVAC systems to companies without proper licensing and adequate insurance.

Before figuring out what to do with aging HVAC systems, keep in mind the above reasons why a professional firm can save your company a whole lot of cost and effort.