Industrial Cleaning – It’s Dirty Work, But We Love It!

Industrial buildings and the indoor air quality within them is one of the projects we truly love to tackle. We love it because we can make a significant difference in indoor air quality within these facilities.

Manufacturing typically creates lots of air debris such as dust, smoke, aerosols, and even mites!  All these pollutants can sit in your air ducts and build up over time creating blockages and make for less efficient equipment.  Aside from it being less efficient, fire hazard concerns can arise from the buildup of flammable materials in the duct work.  Protect your employees and your equipment by having the Enviro-Air professionals come and thoroughly clean your HVAC system. Our industrial cleaning services include industrial piping, exhaust systems, mist collectors, and other duct systems.  Because every system is different, our professionals customize what methods need to be used to effectively clean your system.

Industrial Services you might need

Combustible Dust Removal Dryer Vent
Chimney Cleaning AC Evaporator Coil Cleaning
Antimicrobial treatment Air Quality Testing
Heat Coil Cleaning Dust Collection System Cleaning
Exhaust System Cleaning Paint Booth Exhaust Cleaning
Make Up Air Cleaning Furnace Cleaning
Vent Cleaning Blower Motor Cleaning
Central Vac System Cleaning



We’ve completed many industrial cleaning projects. Some of the highlights include:

  • After some roofing materials and debris fell through during a roofing project, Enviro-Air spent several weekends and evening vacuuming the entire facility to remove debris that had fallen into the work area. We made sure to work during “off” hours to minimize any disruption our service would cause for the client.
  • We often go into areas that have a high-grease content, and Enviro-Air’s technicians are properly trained to deep clean and degrease your floors, walls, pipes, ect. We are particularly aware of tools and other delicate machinery and electrical systems that we often find in industrial spaces. We customize our industrial cleaning to what our clients need and what will be most compatible with their equipment. We are not a one-size-fits-all service.


At Enviro-Air, our team of professionals understand that safety comes first on the job site.  We work closely with the on-site management team to evaluate potential hazards and develop strategies to complete projects safely and cost effectively.

Request a Consultation today with one of our professionals!  We are happy to help.