Many allergy sufferers think they’re home-free once fall hits and all the outdoor allergens start to freeze over. However, those harmful contaminants are often caught in the air conditioning of both homes and business. While you can’t control the air quality of the businesses you visit, you can check up on your home’s. If you’re still feeling those allergy symptoms, getting ill even though you haven’t been around sickness, or lacking heat even though you’ve put it on high, then it could mean your HVAC unit needs cleaning.

Overall, air quality contributes a lot to staying healthy. Good air quality is free from harmful contaminants that cause allergies or illness and helps keep your home cleaner by releasing less dust build-up. If you’ve closed up the home for the winter and are still suffering from your outdoor allergies, then it’s a sign that you need professional help. Just vacuuming around the air vents doesn’t take care of the particles inside the system.

Especially with flu season starting up, it’s important for your immune system to be at your best. If you haven’t gotten the vents cleaned out since last winter, it could contain the same bacteria and viruses from last year’s illness. Avoiding those sick coworkers or friends won’t do much if you have infections lurking in the air at home.

Even worse, your wallet could take a hit this season if the build-up starts to affect the HVAC’s efficiency. It’s easy for vents to gather contaminants like dust, dirt, and even bugs, which blocks the air flow over time. If the heat can’t get through, it could even pose a risk of your pipes freezing over. Assess the temperature of your home according to the heat you’re using and call our technicians if you think there’s an issue. Clearing them out will save you money and get rid of any other contaminants causing those pesky illnesses.