We specialize in cleaning the HVAC systems of mid-level commercial buildings; recently, we finished a job at a local nursing home, which can arguably be a mix of commercial and residential. Both staff and residents were reporting issues with the inside air quality. During our initial visit, we concluded that the air ducts indeed needed a good cleaning. They had significant particulate build-up that was blowing into the building. This type of dust and debris can affect health – especially the elderly.

When preparing for a job of this size, we took extra care to efficiently plan how and when we would be working. Or technicians meticulously sealed all vents in the area to ensure debris would not fall into the living spaces. We worked closely with staff to work when residents were in other areas of the facility, so we didn’t disturb them, and our teams worked quickly to make sure no one was displaced from their room for any length of time.

In the end, residents and staff reported the air felt “lighter”. We even had several comments about how neat, clean, and efficient the crews were during the process.

Clean air ducts equal better indoor air quality. Call us today to schedule your duct cleaning.