Thanks to the record-breaking snowfall and a rainy start to spring, it’s been a rough season for a lot of homes and businesses. If you’ve already had to deal with flooding due to collecting water on your lawn or ice dams, then you need to ensure the affected area was properly dried. A damp, humid area may only need a couple days to start growing harmful mold, and it needs a professional hand to truly remediate the problem without risking spreading spores.

First of all, check your lower floors and tucked away areas like a boiler or utility room. If there’s water damage, do your best to dry out the affected area. Mop up the water, pull back any carpet, and use a fan or dehumidifier for faster drying. Luckily, there are some businesses in the Twin Cities area that have industrial fans or humidifiers for rent, so try looking into that if the damage is extensive. Once the area has dried completely, keep an eye on it to make sure mold doesn’t start to grow or the water returns.

If the mold begins growing in a hidden place, odors might be an important way for you to confirm the presence of it in your home or business. A musty smell, for example, could appear one day without a clear indicator of where it’s coming from. Mold can lurk behind walls and in your HVAC system. Our specialized equipment can test for the presence of harmful mold in your home or office.

If the spring continues to bring lots of rain, then it’s important to stay vigilant. Your family and customer’s health could suffer if you leave mold unchecked in your vents, basement, or other places. Enviro-Air Cleaning can test for and remediate the presence of mold, so give us a call if suspect mold on your property.