As you’re wrapping up the holiday season this year, the last thing you want to think about is cleaning and getting your air ducts cleaned. We get it!

However, Enviro Air Cleaning wants to set you and your family up for success for this new year by providing three different reasons as to how cleaning your air ducts this winter can prevent major problems throughout the year.

  1. Costs

Believe it or not, cleaning your air ducts can help cut your monthly overhead costs on your energy bill. When your HVAC systems aren’t working overtime, it reduces the strain it can cause. Therefore, in return you’ll get a lower energy bill.

  1. Air Quality

Clean air vents will majorly affect your health this season. The air in your home recirculates about 7-10 times in a day. That means you are continuously breathing in the same air from years of accumulation. This can include harsh cleaning chemicals, dead skin and hair cells, dust and other particles. Get rid of the old air and replace it for a breath of fresh air!

  1. Health

Your health is the number one priority for an air duct clean. With less irritants floating around your home, the ability to breathe will be much easier and less harmful. This can result to less anxiety, ease of breathing, preventing illnesses such as the flu, and lower the symptoms of allergies throughout the season.


Enviro Air Cleaning is dedicated to serving its community with better air quality. Call Enviro Air Cleaning today for an inspection and estimate on your dirty air ducts.