You’ve heard how important it is to have your air ducts clean, especially in the winter months. Your confidence in your own abilities might even persuade you to try cleaning them yourself. Enviro Air Cleaning is here to advise against that! Here are the top three reasons you should NOT do it yourself when it comes to air duct cleaning.

1. Equipment

Professionals will use specialized equipment in order to successfully and properly clean out any debris. They are not using your typical vacuum like the ones used at home. Processes are also in place to use certain chemicals to eliminate any leftover particles that are lingering. There is much more to air duct cleaning then one can guess.

2. Knowledge

It might seem almost like a simple task to do; however, we have trained professionals who specialize in air duct cleaning and mold removal processes. Similar to the equipment we use, our professionals are very articulate in their process to effectively clean and leave your home or commercial building with the best quality air.

3. Health

Overall, your health is the number one reason you should not attempt to clean your own air ducts. Accumulated dust, chemical particles, potentially mold spores can be floating around and breathed in without the proper equipment and uniform. Attempting this can cause serious harm to your body and can increase the chances of getting sick.

Before cleaning out your own air ducts, give us a call for an inspection and recommendations on the next steps. Don’t risk your health and safety.

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