Rain can make some allergies better and some worse. Spring is a rainy time in the upper Midwest. Minnesota has been hitting medium to high pollen levels which means spending time outdoors can be difficult for allergy sufferers.

Did you know you are likely bringing those same allergens into your home each day on your clothing, in your hair, and on your shoes? Your home’s air duct system is designed to keep pollen, dust and mold allergens from circulating indoors. However, if your air ducts have not been cleaned recently, the allergens are likely getting into your vent system and then they continue to circulate indoors.

Most allergens are airborne and commonly spread through the air ducts. When you use your air conditioner or heating system, it forces air to circulate throughout your home. Allergens tend to build up over time which make it harder to steer clear of allergy symptoms inside. If you think you might fit the bill to get your air ducts cleaned, there are some things to ask yourself to help you determine the answer.

  • When was the last time your air ducts were cleaned? If the answer is longer than five years, or never, you need your air ducts cleaned.
  • Do you consistently see dust in your home, even after cleaning? This means your air ducts are circulating contaminants throughout your home and you need your air ducts cleaned.
  • Are you experiencing allergy flare ups when you turn on your heat or A/C? Dust is being moved around your home which means, you need your air ducts cleaned.

Unfortunately, we can’t get rid of outdoor allergens, but if you are needing to eliminate them indoors, give us a call to schedule a professional air duct cleaning that will help you breathe easier at home.