Industrial Air Duct Cleaning

The main concern always boils down to safety – whether it be for yourself or others. There are several hundred thousand manufacturing spaces here in the United States, accounting for millions of workers (and 8% of the workforce).

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Maintaining Healthy Air Quality in Nursing Homes

Air quality plays an important role in our daily lives. If the air we’re breathing has been contaminated due to it moving through dirty air vents, then it can result in symptoms like congestion, asthma flares, headaches, and more. To those who may be more susceptible...

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Spring Flooding and Mold Growing in Hidden Places

Thanks to the record-breaking snowfall and a rainy start to spring, it’s been a rough season for a lot of homes and businesses. If you’ve already had to deal with flooding due to collecting water on your lawn or ice dams, then you need to ensure the affected area was...

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Black Mold and How It Can Extremely Damage Your Home

Today we cover telltale signs your home is in need-of mold remediation, and what the extreme damage could be, especially if it is ignored. Black mold is not an uncommon topic for any homeowner whether-or-not you know the basics of what to look for, or if you’ve...

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Cleaning Your Air Duct after a Home Remodel

When remodeling a home everyone from the contractor to the home owner tries their best to keep the site clean, especially if the home owner is living in the house during construction. When possible, rooms are sealed so dust doesn’t go everywhere in the home. Floors...

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Nursing Home Air Duct Cleaning: Part II

Earlier this month we reviewed a recent air duct cleaning job we did at a local nursing home. One of the best compliments we received from them was how efficient and clean our crews were during the process. One of the key things our technicians do before starting the...

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E-Book: What to Ask Before Selecting A Commercial HVAC & Ductwork Cleaning Specialist

Know what to look for when selecting an air duct or cleaning specialist for your commercial facility.

Before you select a company to conduct duct cleaning work, there are a number of questions to ask a potential vendor, including:

  • Procedures
  • Costs
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction

We’ve created a list of questions to ask air duct and air quality cleaning vendors so you can get your HVAC system cleaned efficiently, on time, and on budget.

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