What can happen if the Floors and Mats of Gymnasiums are not Kept Clean?
In March 2016, a boy named Blake Flovin says he was diagnosed with herpes gladiatorum from a wrestling tournament that took place at Independence High School in San Jose, CA. This incident brought about nationwide attention to what can happen when school gymnasiums are not regularly or properly cleaned.

What Can ENVIRO-AIR Cleaning Specialists Do Prevent This at Your School?
Enviro-Air Cleaning Specialists understand our client’s place high value on maintaining their facility by offering a great first impression for their own occupants. Our knowledge and experience in providing industrial cleaning makes Enviro-Air Cleaning Specialists the best choice for your facility. From factory cleaning, to school gymnasiums, Enviro-Air Cleaning Specialists has you covered.
We have advanced equipment and training to properly clean buildings, shops, gymnasiums, etc. from top to bottom. Whether you require light industrial cleaning or deep cleaning, disinfecting, and degreasing floors, Enviro-Air Cleaning Specialists has the technology, equipment and skilled technicians to deliver superior results.

The Bottom Line:
What happened to Blake Flovin was terrible and can be avoided in your school gymnasium. ENVIRO-AIR Cleaning Specialists has over 20 years of combined experience of cleaning and maintaining facilities. Check out our 5-star reviews on Google or our website to learn more about the quality of our work.