This year, COVID-19 is making “back-to-school” look very different from previous years. As educators get creative about in-person vs virtual learning, it’s important for them to be keenly aware of cleanliness. Just like in a home, clean air ducts in schools keep indoor air quality high thus reducing absenteeism and sharing of germs.

When it comes to the air ventilation system in your school, the goal should be to make sure the air is clean and moving, not stagnant and stale. While keeping air movement to a minimum may seem like the best way to reduce the spread of COVID-19, it is not what experts recommend. In fact, the CDC recommends opening windows in businesses and schools to keep air moving and limit the amount of time any pathogen is spending indoors. If your school doesn’t have windows that open, clean air ducts may have a similar effect.

Why have your air ducts cleaned?

Schools have been sitting empty for months. Before opening your doors, the HVAC systems and air ducts should be cleaned. It is likely there is an accumulation of dirt and debris within the air ducts that can recirculate. When the air passes through the filter, the extra dirt and debris will cause the filters to fill up fast and potentially let other, more harmful air pollutants through. Having a professional clean and sanitize your system will solve these problems.

Once your HVAC and air duct systems are cleaned, it is easy to focus on maintaining a high air quality. The CDC recommends using MERV-13 filters and replacing them on a regular basis. School janitors and maintenance can also wipe down the air vents regularly to prevent dust and other particles from building up in your air ducts.

Whether you are currently holding classes in person or are completely online, the health of your students and staff is important. Call Enviro-Air for your air duct and HVAC cleaning today.