During the school year—especially after in-person classes in the fall and winter—germs are running rampant. Classrooms full of healthy kids can quickly become spaces full of coughs, sneezes, and runny noses. While catching a cold can be difficult to avoid, students are less likely to get sick with a clean HVAC system and good ventilation. As your district prepares for the next school year, be sure to schedule an HVAC cleaning to clear out the contaminants that have been lurking in the ducts this past year.

Pollen, dust, and mold are just some of the allergens that stick around in your vents. When your HVAC system is on and circulating air, those particles are included and are spreading throughout the school. When these contaminants are circulating through classrooms, students and staff will quickly begin to feel the physical affects: headaches, fatigue, and/or a sore throat. Mold spores can even settle on surfaces like walls, carpets, and food preparation areas. Yuck!

In general, changing the air filters should be done every few months, but an annual deep clean of the HVAC system is essential to staff and student health. Breathing clean air can make a world of difference in schools, including higher attendance rates due to less sick children and faculty. Students and staff can also work more efficiently as headaches and sore throats won’t be weighing them down. Students with pre-existing conditions, like asthma or severe mold allergies, will feel better and less at-risk of developing worsening respiratory issues.

At Enviro-Air, we understand how important your students and staff are. Each individual deserves clean air and a happy learning or teaching environment. Call us today to schedule an appointment!