Are you or your employees finding the air circulation in your office isn’t what is used to be? When it’s warm outside, does the A/C just not keep up or conversely in the winter are there cold areas?

When proper HVAC air flow is compromised everyone feels it. Not to worry, there are some tried and true ways to increase it and keep employees comfortable and productive.

Checking the Fan

Most HVAC systems have multiple speed connections and it may be possible to increase the unit’s fan speed to improve air flow throughout the office. Air booster fans can be installed if the primary fan doesn’t have the power to push air through long or complicated ductwork.

Make Sure Ventilation Isn’t Blocked

Sometimes employees block nearby vents and registers in an attempt to control their immediate environment. This can have a serious impact on how the entire air flow system works and it’s important that all vents and registers remain open and aren’t blocked by machinery or other equipment.

Change Your HVAC Filters on a Regular Basis

Furnace and air conditioning units rely on filters to remove dust, debris and other foreign objects from entering and doing damage to the unit. When a filter is clogged, it also prevents air from entering the system and proper air flow can be compromised.

Visibly Inspect the Air Ducts.

It’s possible that the ductwork could have developed some cracks or holes where air might be escaping. Ducts can also get filled with dust and other particles – which can impact the proper flow of air. Professional HVAC technicians can address these issues to make sure ducts are unimpeded and allowing proper air flow.

Sometimes just a minor adjustment is all that’s necessary to improve the air flow in a commercial space, but it never hurts to have commercial air duct cleaning pros inspect and maintain your HVAC units and ductwork to ensure proper air flow and building occupant comfort.

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