The short answer, is yes. Sick Building Syndrome is when office workers suffer from building related illnesses which some say poor indoor air quality is to blame. This could be a tell-tale sign that your building’s air ducks need to be cleaned.

Air inside of the office follows the same rules that the air would at home. Pollen, dust, contaminants, found outside can be found inside. There is one difference though that is pretty significant. Office spaces allow for more traffic and use of space which means that the contaminant particles are way more dense than they are outdoors. This could result in workers having breathing troubles or other health complications.

Scheduling a professional air duct cleaning can benefit the whole office by:

  • Improving air quality
  • Increased office cleanliness
  • Less risk of mold or musty smells
  • Reduced symptoms from allergies
  • Reduction in your HVAC costs

How often should you schedule a duct cleaning? The answer depends on how much traffic your workplace receives, the size of the building, and how many workers you have. It is best to have a professional give a proper estimation, but generally every two to five years is the best rule of thumb. Enviro Air Cleaning’s experts and experience will help you find the best frequency that fits within your schedule.