Office buildings, warehouses, factories, and large residential apartment buildings all should have a regular air duct cleaning schedule in place to ensure good air quality. However, it’s more important now than ever. With current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, cleanliness is on everyone’s mind.

Dust and allergens are a leading cause of poor indoor air quality. The heating and cooling system of a home of commercial space is its lungs. The continual intake and exhale of air through the system is how new air is circulated throughout the building. Over time contaminants in an air duct system build up in the duct work. As the air is then re-circulated up to 7 times per day in an average building, these contaminants are continuously in the air we breathe.

In addition to dust build up, sometimes other contaminants such as bacteria and viruses will be harbored in the HVAC system.

At Enviro-Air Cleaning our certified NADCA technicians are trained in the proper way to clean both residential and commercial duct work. Every job we do starts with a heavy-duty vacuuming of the duct work. We seal off all duct sources in the system to contain the debris we are pulling out of the system and direct that to our holding containers to remove from the site. Once this process is complete, we sanitize the system to kill potential bacteria and viruses being harbored the duct work.

With every residential duct cleaning, Enviro-Air includes a free dryer vent clean to prevent fires caused by build up in the vent. Breathe easier with Enviro-Air Cleaning. Call us for your consultation. We are able to provide quotes remotely.