As we move through March, we’re coming to the end of cold and flu season in the upper Midwest. If your office has had a hard go of it this year with sickness, it is a good idea to do some deep-down Spring cleaning.

Dust, allergens and germs can lurk in the HVAC system of any building. Busy office environments may see these effects more dramatically than others since there are many people coming and going each day.

Some tips to help your office clean out the bad and welcome in Spring include:

  • Wipe down everyone’s desk, phone, computer keyboard and the door handles in the building
  • Have the floors cleaned
  • Clean carpets and rugs – germs and dirt like to live here
  • Vacuum the window treatments
  • Wipe down ceiling fans and hard-to-reach light fixtures
  • Clean and sanitize the HVAC system

A little bit of preventative maintenance in an office can go a long way toward lowering the number sick days and may improve employee productivity.

The NADCA (HVAC Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Association) certified cleaning specialists at Enviro Air Cleaning can help. Give us a call for your free quote on commercial and ductwork cleaning.