Last month, salons were able to open for the first time since March. There are multiple ways you can keep your clients and employees safe, including masks, temperature check, and using hand sanitizer. Having your heating and cooling vents cleaned is one more measure your salon can take to keep everyone safe during these times. Ensuring your vents are clean will help in multiple areas—not just reducing the spread of diseases.

  1. Having your vents cleaned will help keep your salon safe. While it is normally recommended to get your ductwork cleaned every 3-5 years, if you suspect a mold problem or other air quality issues, then your business could benefit from a cleaning. Additional benefits of better indoor air quality include less people will get sick, those with asthma or other respiratory issues will not have a flair up, and better ventilation to help prevent diseases spreading in your shop.
  2. Clean ducts improve your air flow. Moving air through a clean system helps circulate it more efficiently thus helping to effectively heat and cool you space all while using less energy.
  3. Clean ductwork extends the life of your HVAC system. By ensuring your unit is clean and not working extra hard, you can help prevent your HVAC system from needing to be prematurely replaced. Some signs your ducts need to be cleaned include excessive dust on surfaces and around vents.

If you need your commercial HVAC system cleaned, call Enviro-Air today.