It may seem like commercial insulation repair in HVAC systems is a simple job, but a little research dispels that notion pretty quickly. In fact, there are standards that come from the National Air Duct Cleaners Association that directly specify how professionals should work on old or damaged insulation, and how they should resolve any maintenance issues.

Here are some tried and true methods that professionals use to adhere to NADCA standards that may not be general knowledge in circles outside of the HVAC industry.

1. Scrape Base Surfaces Clean

One of the things that maintenance teams not accredited by NADCA may not know is that the NADCA standard requires removing all elements of old insulation in order to replace it.

That means on the interior surfaces of ductwork where it meets the insulation, all of the fiberglass and all of the material should be removed. All of the glue or fixative must be removed as well.

Professional HVAC teams know how to do this in a time sensitive way, and how to make sure that the clean surface adheres to NADCA’s code.

2. Installing New Material

Another part of the NADCA standard is that the new material must adhere to specifications in the same way that old materials did. Forgetting this rule is a big deal – a business may get into the tricky situation of having to decide whether the material has to be taken out and replaced again.

Installers have to look at energy ratings and other factors to determine whether the new materials are really up to the job of protecting HVAC ductwork. Additional new standards may apply — and that’s another reason why it’s so important to have professional crews putting new insulation in place and repairing damaged insulation in commercial buildings.

3. Coating to Encapsulate Deteriorating Fibers


Here’s another secret element of the NADCA standard that even some professionals might not know about.

New technology offers new kinds of specialized coatings that can be applied to encapsulate old or damaged insulation systems.

As a result, repair and replacement can be a lot quicker and more effective. The NADCA standard provides information on specific kinds of coatings that can effectively seal in old installation and provide a sufficient solution for areas of commercial property where ductwork covering or other material is simply not doing the job anymore.