Companies looking for insulation replacement solutions for commercial buildings should keep in mind that there are many wrong ways to implement these projects. Mistakes made in getting commercial installation in place can destroy energy efficiency initiatives and cost businesses a lot of money. They can lead to non-compliance with industry standards, and raise risks.

Here are some of the things that a professional HVAC company takes care to avoid during commercial insulation repair projects for a business client.

1. Under-Ordering Materials

It’s important at the outset to determine the scope of the project and buy the right quantity of insulating material. Otherwise you’re likely to get delays in the process. Professional firms will correctly estimate a project and get all necessary materials on hand.

2. Plan for Securing Insulation to Areas of Ductwork or Air Handling Units.

In some cases, a DIY fix may not bring the right approach to securing the insulation to areas of a commercial building. Whether It’s interior or exterior duct Insulation, professional HVAC companies know how to use the fastening solution to make sure that insulation stays in place for a long time.

3. Wrong Type of Insulation

You can’t just focus on R-value. Professional firms understand the specific type of installation that will make the most sense in a commercial building’s ventilation system. For example, in commercial air ducts, you have two options: internal or external insulation. Sealing internal insulation properly or even replacing internal insulation using the right materials can be cost-effective if done correctly.

4.Use of Coatings or Encapsulants that Aren’t Specifically Meant for HVAC Insulation Repair.

The use of improper coating or encapsulants may not adhere to internal fiberglass insulation. This can be the cause of a serious mess! It will most likely lead you to having to reclean the entire ventilation system of your commercial building as well as battle an ongoing mess in your building, throughout your offices.