Worried that old insulation in your commercial property may be deteriorating? Old or faulty insulation can harbor mold, break apart, and cause other problems in your commercial air duct system. There are a number of ways that professional commercial insulation repair contractors can tell that insulation may be in bad shape, whether it’s around HVAC ducts or hiding in other areas of your buildings. Read more to learn about nine warning signs you can watch for.

1. Insulation Unattached From Surfaces

Internal duct lining insulation can get loose from where it has been attached (or from other areas in commercial buildings), which makes it totally ineffective and requires repair.

2. Tears in the Backing

When you see holes or tears in the backing material, that means insulation isn’t doing its job right. Repair these as soon as possible.

3. Moisture Behind the Insulation

In some cases, water may pool or collect behind insulation after an overflow or other kind of emergency. You may see leaks or stains, or spot the damage from the outside of the duct work. This is another major warning sign that you have insulation trouble.

4. Mold

In some cases, mold can also be a sign of damage to your insulation. Always be vigilant about mold anywhere on a business property. Mold remediation for commercial spaces can range into the millions of dollars, so walk the site routinely to look for moisture problems.

5. Discoloration

Damaged insulation can become discolored as a result of incorrect exposure to air. Look for discoloration or staining as a further sign of insulation problems.

6. Insulation Residue

Insulating materials with certain kinds of problems may drop or scatter pieces across the floor area underneath where they’re installed. This is another warning sign to look for when you’re worried about the condition of your property’s duct work insulation.

7. Ripped Open Pieces

In addition to smaller tears or damage, you may also see large rips in the backing of insulation materials. This often indicates that someone has damaged the insulation, usually by accident, through some kind of random impact.

8. Musty Odors

Sometimes, when insulation is damaged, it releases particles from the materials previously trapped behind it. Sudden musty or mildew smells can be a warning sign that something is wrong.

9. Unusual Sounds

The damage to insulation and other structural components of the property may lead to wind infiltration, which can cause unusual sounds. If you hear strange whistling or creaking sounds coming from the duct work in your commercial building, it may be a good idea to do a visual check of the interior commercial duct work insulation.