Managing an apartment building or other group living facility means a lot of upkeep, fulfilling requests, and organizing building maintenance. If there’s an issue, the manager will hear about it—especially if it concerns a number of residents. While many community living properties are cleaned routinely, there’s more deep cleaning to be done in places that can potentially cause widespread symptoms.

For example, dirty vents that have not been properly maintained will spread contaminated air through the building. It can aid in the spread of sickness and cause symptoms such as congestion, asthma flares, headaches, and more. In communities like a nursing home, it’s especially important to have good air quality since they’re more susceptible to health issues. In more extreme cases where the air ducts have not been cleaned in the recommended 3-5 years, there may be contaminants that contain bacteria or viruses, which can result in the spreading of life-threatening diseases. That could be extremely dangerous in a nursing home.

Additionally, if factors like carbon monoxide, pesticides, or other toxic components are introduced to the air through the circulating air vents, then symptoms like memory loss, blurred vision, or lethargy could begin to appear in the facility’s staff and residents. A clean, sanitized building has become especially important in the age of COVID-19.

Now is a great time to clean out the HVAC system to ensure that any germs and/or allergens that collected during the stay at home order are eradicated. At Enviro-Air, we have the equipment to clean your entire building’s duct system; plus, our technicians have also implemented new procedures to allow no contact. We will work with you to find the best time to clean out the HVAC units to ensure minimal disruption to your residents. When you work with Enviro-Air, you will get the attention you give to your building and the safety, health, and happiness of those within it.