When looking for air duct cleaning services, at times it can be hard to determine which vendor will give you the most value for your money – and we get it. How much does HVAC cleaning cost anyways? Pricing can be confusing, misleading, and in some cases, even a financial loss. But it doesn’t have to be complicated. We’re here to share some information to help you avoid service providers that might be sweeping details under the rug. Or should we say, “hiding the details in your air ducts”?

Common scenario #1: “Free Main Trunk Line Cleaning”

After you browsed a website, read a few of their reviews, and saw there was a promotion for a “free main trunk line”, you ended up talking to a sales guy who was seemingly nice, and then discussed moving forward with a cleaning appointment.

There’s just one problem.

After all the consultation and set up you notice in the fine print that although you get a “free main trunk” clean out, they upcharge the remaining four branches (typically there is a main trunk line with up to 4-5 branches in a home). In retrospect, you still end up paying the same amount – Companies often “bait and switch” by presenting a “free” item or service but are sneaking in other maintenance costs and really aren’t cutting you a deal at all.

Common scenario #2: “Only $25 Vent Clean Out”

Another common scenario to watch for is the upcharge on vents. Although it might seem like a reasonably small cost for $25.00 for your vents to be cleaned, keep in mind that on average a home has upwards of 15-20 vents (varying depending on size of home). However, if you multiply that $25.00 x 20 vents that is easily upwards of another $500.00 on top of base services. The total invoice is now no-where near what you anticipated!


Now we’re not saying all air duct cleaning businesses operate like this. However, we’ve heard it all too often when a client shares with us the previous mishaps and missing information they didn’t receive from other vendors until it was too late.

At Enviro-Air Cleaning we give up front pricing with no hidden costs.

So, before you’re fooled by initial low rates from competitors, contact Enviro-Air Cleaning before March 31st to get your Furnace Unit and all Main Trunk Lines cleaned for $115.00 with $15.00 for every vent (excluding rooftops). With every duct cleaning purchase, we provide free dryer vent cleaning as well.

No Hidden Fees.

When is the right time to have my HVAC System cleaned anyways?

Even though it’s winter, now is a great time to get your HVAC’s cleaned. Typically, client’s book in the Spring because they believe you can’t have your air ducts cleaned in the cold.

This is a fallacy.

Give us a call for your air duct cleaning now so you’ll beat the rush and get your spring cleaning out of the way early this year!

We take pride in providing exceptional, top notch services on-time, every-time.