Commercial facilities managers understand the maintenance requirements of commercial HVAC systems. There may not be a lot of different kinds of maintenance required, but basic cleaning and maintenance on commercial HVAC air ducts and air systems should be completed every few (between 3 and 5) years. With that in mind, we’ve often heard top managers ask about commercial air duct cleaning frequency and other details: when is it necessary, how often should it be completed, and how should it be done? We have the in-depth answers in this blog.

Here are some general guidelines that may pertain to your company’s HVAC infrastructure.

Noticing Buildup

One of the most basic tips in commercial air duct cleaning is that ducts should be clean when a significant amount of buildup has occurred inside them. You typically won’t notice this dirt and debris clogging up duct work until there’s some other reason to open a vent or air duct. Some other types of repair or maintenance can reveal that it’s time to clean duct work.

When People Complain

Here’s another good time to clean commercial duct work. You might get someone coming to you and complaining of respiratory irritation or the heightening of allergies when they’re in the building. Don’t ignore these concerns — instead, look at whether it might be time to clean commercial air ducts.

When buildup gets bad enough, it affects air quality. People will first notice as their personal health may suffer while they’re at work. The most sensitive people will notice first. So in a sense, some of your employees will be resources when it comes to figuring out when it’s time to pursue commercial HVAC maintenance on air ducts.

Maintaining Sanitary Processes

Some businesses will need to clean air ducts much more frequently.

Companies involved in sophisticated physical operations, such as pharmaceutical formulation or the creation of high-tech products, will need to maintain de-contamination plans for certain areas of a commercial building. Here, it may be necessary to clean air ducts before there’s any significant buildup. Companies may use resources like HEPA filters or other types of specific gear to make sure that air stays spotless and clean in order to do these higher-level processes well.

Do Commercial Duct Work Cleaning Around Your Schedule

When it is necessary to clean air ducts in a commercial building, the project has to be approached carefully.

Depending on where ducts are in a building, work may have to take place around a particular operational schedule. You can’t have duct cleaning workers trying to work around in-house people are also trying to do their jobs in the very same space. There may have to be a phased relocation of some operations, and a specific schedule drawn up that has to be met in order to maintain the commercial HVAC systems while still maintaining key business processes.

As for the cost of duct work cleaning, it really depends on the extent of the cleaning. Cleaning companies may provide estimates per square foot or other types of evaluation of scope.

In the commercial world, keeping on top of HVAC ductwork maintenance and cleaning is important. Some of these tips can help managers to understand their responsibilities and how to maintain air quality for a business location.