Why is it important to have professional air quality teams visit your business?

The answer has to do with the specific qualifications and credentials that these terms have, the specialized equipment they’ve invested in, and the unique knowledge that they provide to client companies on a regular basis.

1. A Sure Thing

When you call air quality specialists or an environmental firm, you don’t have to rely on in-house maintenance staff to do everything on your property. You will likely get more qualified support. The specialized team often comes with key certifications, such as certification by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. NADCA certification ensures that these teams have learned about air handling systems and equipment repair. The best of these firms will also be licensed, insured and bonded.

What that means is that if anything happens on the property, it will be covered by proper financial security agreements. You can’t predict how any repair work is going to go — some type of unprecedented accident or error could cause your HVAC or air handling system to damage some other system in your building. Having a professional contractor is important. The bonding ensures that the work will be done properly and according to schedule.

2. Safe and Secure System Cleaning

Some other benefits that you get with professional air quality firms involve cleaning out particular areas of your HVAC or air handling system – the ductwork.

Ductwork in commercial and home systems is notoriously hard to get to. The professional specialized firms will come in with unique vacuum equipment that has safety features on it, so that contaminants don’t get released in the building. They’ll be able to safely and efficiently clean out your ductwork and other areas of your system in a way that in-house team members may not be able to do. Professional crews can even go into ductwork safely in order to clean it or identify and fix any problems. In many cases, your in-house people could go in there, too – but you wouldn’t want them to, for lack of relevant training and liability reasons.

3. Spotting Danger Signs

Here’s another key point about having professional air quality staff on-site. Often, they will point out key problems that nobody noticed until their arrival.

These experienced technicians can spot differences in air pressure, or build-up on machinery parts.

They can assess the air quality in a space, and tell you about the best ways to keep equipment in good shape, protect the health and safety of building inhabitants, and otherwise properly maintain your air handling system. So that’s another reason to invest in services from these capable environmental quality business partners.

All of this supports the idea that manufacturing companies and other businesses should get hooked up with a specialized duct cleaning and air quality service.