September is here; the seasons are changing, the weather is cooling, and your allergies are still pretty bad. Winter is a much-needed break from seasonal allergies, but when those allergens are hanging around in your air ducts it can be hard to find relief from the coughing and sneezing. For allergy sufferers, fall and spring a both good seasons to have your air duct system professionally cleaned.

Cleaning your air ducts in the fall will help get rid of any dirt or allergen that came in during the summer. Open windows in the summer let in a nice breeze that can carry pollen, dirt, and other irritants in with it. The debris then settles in nooks and crannies within your home including your air ducts. When your AC or heat is turned on, it blows the dirt and allergens back into your home potentially causing allergies to flare up.

Not only do clean vents help you breathe better, they may also help save money as the winter months come. Debris in your vents restrict how air can travel through your HVAC system. Restricted air flow can make your system work harder and for longer amounts of time as it tries to reach and maintain the desired temperature. With a clean duct system, your HVAC unit will have an easier time pushing the warm air into your home this winter and your energy bill will be lower.

Fall air duct cleaning is an investment in yourself and your home. An HVAC system that strains itself to make you comfortable will have a shorter lifespan than one that can move air with ease. Give yourself a break from the sneezing this winter and gain some peace of mind about your indoor air quality. Call Enviro-Air to schedule your air duct cleaning today.