You’ve finally finished that lengthy home renovation, and you’re ready to sit back and relax. Unfortunately, if you skip the last step of getting your air ducts cleaned, relaxing is going to be difficult. Cleaning your air ducts after renovations will ensure that you continue to have good air quality.

Why should I get the air ducts cleaned? Can it wait a while?

If you think the dust and dirt from renovating can be mopped up or swept away, think again. Those dust particles are rising and entering your vents. Just take a look at your air vents after finishing your project—they won’t be pretty! It’s best to have the air ducts professionally cleaned as soon as renovations have ended. If you don’t do it right away, you’re more likely to keep putting it off, therefore affecting your ducts in the long run. And, most importantly, your health.

Taking Preparations

There are, however, ways to minimize the amount of particles that enter your system. Before starting any renovations, close all of your HVAC vents. To prevent even more particles from entering, there are magnetic vent covers that you can purchase. Combining these two steps together will keep a significant amount of dust and dirt out!

Good Timing

Even if there wasn’t much debris that got into your vents, a home renovation is a good time to consider upgrading your unit. Unless you’re buying the home brand-new, you likely won’t know the last time the air duct was cleaned by previous owners. You’ll want a professional to at least clean the unit, right at the end of renovations, but buying a new one could save you a lot of money in the long run.