You breathe in the air circulating through your home every day, but do you really know what’s in it? Hiding in your vents could be mold, fungi, dust, and dust mites just to name a few. When mixed with your home’s air, these unwanted things degrade your home’s air quality and could make you and your family sick. Vacuuming and cleaning the floor vents could help, but there’s more you can do to effectively clean your home’s air.

Our certified technicians use specialized tools such as rotary brushes, high-pressure air whips, and powerful vacuum tools to properly clean you HVAC system without damaging the vents. To ensure sterilization, they also spray a specialized cleaning solution so you can be rest assured the vents are clean.

Some signs your air vents need cleaning:

  • You’re dusting too often.
  • You literally see dirt coming from your vents.
  • Heated or cooled air is not coming out properly.
  • Allergies are getting worse even though the windows are closed.
  • Your family members are experiencing headaches.

Give Enviro-Air a call and our certified technicians will schedule a time for you to get your air ducts cleaned out. Improve your air quality, improve your life!