There’s no doubt that a lot that goes into managing and maintaining a commercial property. It’s not uncommon for problems and issues to spring up on a weekly basis. So, you might be thinking that the most important issues on your plate are those that are causing problems right now. However, when it comes to commercial air duct cleaning, your best bet is to avoid potential problems before they happen. Read more to learn from the pros why commercial air duct cleaning is definitely worth the cost to prevent more expensive problems and inefficiencies down the road.

A poorly maintained air duct is an invisible danger. And all too often, business owners and property managers don’t realize the extent of a problem until it’s already too late. Don’t make the same costly mistake.

In this post, you’ll want to just consider a few of the issues that can come from poorly maintained commercial air ducts. These issues can be costly, but with regular commercial air duct cleaning they are far more preventable.

Issue 1: Poor Air Quality

One of the biggest signs you should get a commercial air duct cleaning is poor air quality. If you’ve noticed a lot of extra dust around the workspace or employees coughing or getting sick more frequently, then you might have an air quality problem.

Ducts that haven’t been cleaned in three to four years are often susceptible to leaks. These leaks can cause a relatively small issue like allowing extra dust into your facility. Or duct leaks can lead to more issues like mold growth, which is common in buildings with high humidity levels.

Poor indoor air quality can easily become a major issue for businesses. An office or facility with poor air quality can not only impair employees, but can also cause issues for tenants and even customers.

Issue 2: Infestations

Another costly problem for building owners is pest infestation. Unfortunately, pests can make their way into HVAC systems and start building nests. And when that happens, it can easily turn into a massive infestation issue.

In addition, the particles that pests can leave in the ducts often get spread through the building via the air system, affecting the overall indoor air quality. None of that is very pleasant to deal with, and can become incredibly expensive to repair over time.

The good news is regular commercial air duct cleaning from professionals can help serve as a preventative measure. Clean air ducts have a far less likely chance of being a prime nesting spot for pests.

Issue 3: Lackluster Energy Efficiency & Higher Costs

Dirty and dusty air ducts and air filtration systems can have an impact on the bottom line as well. A dusty coil and fan system is one that is working harder to get the job done. That means it’s not only inefficient, it’s also costing more money to run the system.

A summertime cleaning, for example, allows for a dust- and debris-free cooling system to work much more effectively, saving energy. The additional savings from having a system that is not straining to run does add up when it comes to the bottom line.

It’s also important to keep in mind that just like maintaining your car helps keep it on the road longer, the same is true for your HVAC system. Removing dust and debris from fans helps to reduce the excess wear and tear on the system, letting it operate effectively for a longer period of time.

Convinced yet? As you can see if you want to avoid potential air quality, infestation, and efficiency issues, it’s a good idea to schedule a commercial air duct cleaning on a regular basis.