There are unique benefits for HVAC cleaning in every season, but it is especially important during winter and spring. With the extra time spent indoors, it’s critical to manage the quality of your home’s air. The benefits of cleaning your air ducts during these seasons include:

  • Combatting airborne illnesses such as the flu. Getting air ducts professionally cleaned and sanitized helps to remove allergens and germs and/or mold spores that have been lurking in your ducts.
  • Improved air quality. In colder weather, your home is tightly closed to winter air, which reduces air flow. If your air ducts are unclean, dust and dander recirculate throughout your home.
  • Energy efficiency. With your home being constantly heated during the winter months, regular air duct cleaning helps your HVAC system runs more efficiently.

Additionally, there are benefits to cleaning out your dryer vents, which often go unmaintained:

  • Decreasing fire hazards. During winter months, thick clothing and bedding (which produce more lint) can clog your dryer vent and trap. Without cleaning, a clogged dryer vent can pose a fire risk to the household.
  • Improved dryer performance. With a clean dryer vent, your clothes will dry faster with less lint left on them.

There is a benefit to air duct cleaning in every season whether it be mold removal in the springtime to allergen removal in the fall. However, brushing up on your HVAC hygiene during the winter months poses a number of unique benefits. From reducing allergies and illness, improving air quality, and decreasing energy costs, wintertime air duct cleaning is an excellent idea.

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