Enviro Air Cleaning specializes in commercial duct and industrial cleaning. A recent and now ongoing project in the Twin Cities is a perfect example of the variety of cleaning we can provide for commercial businesses. Phase II of this project involved extensive cleaning in a large complex where there is both office and industrial space housed in the same complex.

It was during the initial phase of this project that Enviro Air Cleaning learned about the degreasing and cleaning project that was underway in one of the industrial shops. A competitor had started this project and it wasn’t going well. Due to Enviro Air Cleaning’s attention to detail and diligence to complete our commercial duct cleaning project on-time, our client asked us to step in and finish the industrial cleaning job.

As with most shops, grease is necessary when making parts, but it’s not easy to keep in one place. In this case, degreasing the walls and floors was the main objective for the industrial shop area. The methods that the first company tried to use for cleaning included high pressure. While high pressure washing is a fast and effective way to clean, in this case it was the wrong choice due to a complex bus bar electrical system in the shop area. No bus bar system is compatible with water and this was clearly The Bad of this project and the reason our competition was asked to leave.

Our solution was to hand wash each surface in the shop. By doing so, our crews kept the water and cleansers only where we wanted it and not in interference with the bus bar system. Our crew’s attention to detail and ability to be flexible in both our cleaning methods and schedule was The Good of this project. We worked in off peak hours to ensure we didn’t interfere with our client’s day-to-day operations. The job was completed on-time without causing damage to the delicate bus bar system or tools in the area. The end result was a clean and safe working environment.