Mold Inspection Services

There are several reasons why people call Enviro-Air Cleaning Specialists for a mold inspection. Usually it begins with seeing the resemblance of mold growth on walls, ceilings, floors or other parts of your structure. Often clients will begin to notice a musty odor, which can sometimes indicate mold growth as well. Other triggers to call for a mold inspection are life events, chronic illness or a simple need for peace of mind.

Here are just a few other reasons to contact Enviro-Air Cleaning Specialists for a mold inspection:

Water Damage

If your home or business recently experienced water damage from a flood or structural damage, such as a leaky roof, there is a good chance mold can be present. Mold benefits from damp and moist conditions, therefore if the water damage was not contained, dried and/or cleaned properly, there’s a strong possibility you have mold. Enviro-Air Cleaning Specialists can schedule a mold inspection today if you’ve experienced water damage in your home or business.


The mold is at the stage where you can physically see it. Calling Enviro-Air Cleaning Specialists for an inspection allows us to determine the scope of the issue and continue to the testing process so we can develop a cost-effective plan to remediate.

Home Purchase

Regardless of a home’s age, water damage can occur at any stage and most buyers are fooled by fresh paint that can cover up an amateur’s attempt to remediate a mold issue. It’s good practice to request a mold inspection from Enviro-Air Cleaning Specialists so you have additional peace of mind with your new mortgage.

Chronic Illness

While mold is not always the reason for chronic respiratory illnesses, such as asthma, it’s good to rule mold out. People who are very sensitive to mold may experience symptoms similar to seasonal allergies, such as a runny nose & itchy eyes. In general, if these symptoms occur year-round in the same structure, it is good to contact Enviro-Air Cleaning Specialists for a mold inspection and rule out mold as the cause.

If you suspect you have mold for any reason, call Enviro-Air Cleaning Specialists for an inspection today.

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