Mold Remediation Services

Enviro-Air Cleaning Specialists has been called to successfully provide mold remediation services to clients throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area and western Wisconsin. While there are many methods to effectively remove mold, including options at your local hardware store, professional mold remediation is the only way to guarantee your mold problem is completely eliminated.
What is Mold Remediation?
It is the removal of mold utilizing thorough cleaning with industrial chemicals and/or replacement of materials that are infested with mold. Mold can form anywhere that has excessive moisture, leading to structural damage and sometimes causing health problems.
Enviro-Air Cleaning Specialists discourages people from attempting their own mold remediation. Depending on the type of mold present, improper treatment can create health issues, as well as further damage to your structure. In some cases, using the incorrect processes to treat a mold issue can actually cause the mold to spread, creating a costly error.

Once Enviro-Air Cleaning Specialists develops a plan for removal, our clients can rest assured that the process will be completed in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner. Our experienced team of mold removal specialists work to rid homes and businesses of mold using state-of-the-art technology and adhering to safety standards.

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In Need of Mold Remediation?

Enviro-Air Cleaning Specialists takes great pride in providing exceptional, top notch services on-time, every-time. We offer Free Consultation services, so if you are unsure your mold situation we can answer your questions you may have.


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