Your employees have been complaining of health problems. You’ve noticed a musty odor. There’s been recent water damage. All of these issues are indicators that there is mold in your commercial space. If you’re unsure of what to do, we have some tips and information about the mold remediation process to help you know when to call.

What NOT to do

Don’t cover it up. If you notice mold growing on the walls, for example, don’t assume a paint job or wallpaper will resolve the issue. Even if it doesn’t look like a large amount, mold in any form is still going to affect your employees’ health. Instead, call to schedule a mold test or inspection to see if there is any more mold in the building, or mold spores in the air.

Mold doesn’t just grow on walls and ceilings; it can grow on any surface, including inside of your HVAC system. You may be unable to tell if there’s mold growing inside, but you’ll likely be able to see it presenting itself right around it. If you see or smell it, don’t turn the system on until a professional can inspect it.

While you may feel capable to perform mold remediation, it’s not safe for your health or your building’s structure. Only certified professionals should handle the remediation process. They will know what industrial cleaning products need to be used; they’ll also know whether it’s safe to continue working in the building, or if your staff will need to temporarily relocate.

First Steps & Remediation Process

Where there’s moisture, there’s mold. If there’s visible water damage on walls or ceilings, mold will begin to grow. It’s important to eradicate that moisture, then get mold testing to know if there is a bigger problem at hand. There may be hidden mold behind any wallpaper or paint.

Before scheduling a remediation, call to get a mold test or inspection. A plan can then be established, and you’ll be guided by professionals on how to keep you and your employees safe in the meantime.

Remediation is the only way to assure that the mold has been eradicated. If you’re aware that your space has mold, don’t put off a consultation or inspection. Waiting until the problem gets worse will only cost you money in the long run and can be detrimental to your employees’ health. We want to ensure that your employees feel safe coming to work, as we know how important they are to keeping your business running.