Winter is coming! It’s time to close the windows for the season. However, in doing so, you are also closing off the main source of fresh air into your home. Soon your HVAC system will be the primary way air is circulated in your home meaning your ductwork will be involved. Regular ductwork cleaning is always important, but with COVID-19 still circulating in communities, it’s even more important to have clean ducts at this time.

Effects of Poor IAQ and Dirty Ductwork

  • Health – Indoor air quality can be affected by many things. Dust, seasonal allergens and pollens, pet dander, and toxic black mold are some of the most common things to hide in ductwork. Over time, these pollutants can increase the severity of allergies, headaches, respiratory issues and more.
  • Cleaning – Dust and debris left in your ducts after a home remodel, for example, will continue to circulate throughout your home for months if not removed thus causing a dusty home.

Duct Cleaning Recommendations

For a residential home, the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) recommends cleaning air ducts every three to five years. But you should also consider duct cleaning when moving into a new house, after completing a home remodeling project, if you have pets that shed fur, or if someone living in the home suffers from allergies.

Why Choose Us

Enviro Air Cleaning specializes in high-quality duct cleaning and sanitization for homes and businesses. Our NADCA certified technicians provide efficient and cost-effective duct cleaning services. As a special bonus, every residential duct cleaning we provide comes with a free dryer vent clean out.

Are you ready to breathe easier this winter through better indoor air quality? Professional duct cleaning is an easy process when you hire Enviro-Air Cleaning Specialists. Schedule your appointment today.