What is Residential Mold Remediation?
Residential mold remediation is the removal of mold through the process of extensive cleaning and/or removal and replacement of materials in your home that are infested with mold.

Why is it Important to Call a Professional for Residential Mold Remediation?
Enviro-Air Cleaning Specialists discourages people from attempting their own mold remediation because depending on the type of mold present, improper treatment can create health issues, as well as further damage to your structure. In some cases, using the incorrect processes to treat a mold issue can cause the mold to spread, creating a costly error. Mold is commonly found growing in the sheetrock of a home. When this happens, ENVIRO-AIR first needs to remove the affected area of sheetrock. There is no effective way to clean and then continue using affected sheetrock. Additional cleaning then takes place in the surrounding area to ensure no mold has spread. Our process also includes HEPA vacuuming of the area and temporary air filtration systems are put in the area to ensure no mold has escaped that could infect another area of the home. Our air filters also ensure no airborne mold is left to cause health issues. Once the mold is cleaned up, the homeowner is left with the option to either repair it themselves or call a remodeler to fix it.

Why Should You Call a Specialist to Conduct a Mold Test?
Even if mold is not visible in your home, you may still have mold if your notice a musty smell. The presence of mold spores in the air can be evaluated with mold testing. Enviro-Air Cleaning Specialists are certified mold remediation experts. We can test your home to find out if you indeed have a mold issue that needs to be addressed.

When Should You Call an Expert?
– You see mold forming in your home
– You believe you can smell mold or a musty odor in your home
– You want the indoor air quality tested for mold spores
– Water damage had occurred in your home
– You just purchased a new home
– People that are sensitive to mold that have been experiencing chronic allergic reactions in their home

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