With stay-at-home orders being lifted across the country, more and more people will be flocking to restaurants for the first time since March. To ensure that your restaurant is ready for the new wave of customers, as well as to save money and improve the air for your staff, it might be time for an air duct cleaning. The average time between cleanings should be 3-5 years depending on indoor conditions—any longer than that and you risk bad indoor air quality.

Getting the HVAC system cleared of mold, allergens, and/or any viruses that are living in your system prior to reopening will show that you are taking the health of others seriously and ensuring that people will be safe when they come to your restaurant. Staff and patrons might notice the air seems lighter, and it can help reduce the likelihood that you, your workers, or your guests will become sick.

Plus, a well-working duct system will save you money in the long run. When you have a dirty HVAC system, the air flow is inefficient, and the system has to work harder to produce the desirable amount of air. That puts more strain on your air ducts and your wallet as the utility fees rise. If the system works that hard for an extended period of time, the risk of a breakdown can increase as well. As a result, the costs of maintaining your HVAC system by having the ducts cleaned will benefit you long-term.

On average, commercial spaces that work with us can save 30-35% on energy expenses. In a world where so many people have been hit financially, every penny counts. To save more of yours, contact the Enviro-Air specialists. We work with your timeline, needs, budget, and schedule to make sure your building’s ductwork is operating efficiently and promoting healthy throughout the time we’re working and beyond.