Spring has finally made its way to Minnesota and Wisconsin. As much as we all love the warm weather, it also means pollen season is exploding and every time you open your door a bit more comes into your home. For anyone with allergies, it seems like there is no escape from it.

Cleaning your air ducts can help. Just as dust collects in your home’s heating and cooling system, so does pollen. That means each time the heat or the air conditioning kicks in the pollen gets recirculated around your home. Overtime, the mixture of pollen, dust, pet dander, and even mold can make your indoor air very polluted.

Our process for residential air duct cleaning is quick and efficient. Our trained technicians will arrive to clean you home on time. The process will require us to find and seal each vent and cold air return in your home to ensure proper cleaning. Once the ducts have been vacuumed/cleaned we will disinfect the lines to make sure bacteria and mold removed. Our crews will check the vents to be sure no debris has been left behind by the process. If it has, we will clean it up!

It’s time to stop the sneezing! Call us today for a quote on your air duct cleaning.