Students aren’t the only ones that gather during the school year—they also bring dust, allergens, and even mold into the building, which makes its way into the air ducts. This can affect the air quality of the whole school and anyone with allergies or asthma especially. Even when pollen season passes, the ducts can carry residue of those allergens and release them into the air. To ensure that students and faculty can breathe better, it’s good practice to get the air ducts cleaned every year.

Efficiency-wise, cleaning the air ducts also benefit a school financially. By clearing out all the built-up contaminants, the heating and cooling systems won’t have to work as hard. When properly maintained, commercial facilities can save 30-35% in energy expenses. Plus, with efficient air ducts in place, students and faculty might not complain about the lack of heating or cooling as much—saving the administration some headaches.

As an added bonus, schools have the benefit of seasonal breaks. They can avoid the trouble of having maintenance done during classes and schedule an air duct cleaning during the summer break. Enviro-Air has the experience in large commercial service jobs and is dedicated to improving the air quality of each building through inspections and cleaning. Call today while we still have summer availability.