Maintaining the cleanliness and image of your business can be difficult when you have two areas with very different purposes; for example, a reception area and shop floor. The shop floor’s air quality can have a mix of wood, metal, plastic, or other particles mixed into its allergens from the products, while the reception area would have more typical allergens and dust particles found in most commercial or residential spaces. As a waiting space for customers, the reception area would not see a lot of mess. However, the shop area might need more specialized services like degreasing floors and a deep cleaning.

Another overlooked aspect of an industrial space is the upkeep of the boiler room. To deliver a high-functioning work flow, it should be maintained and cleaned regularly. Boiler rooms are one of the more susceptible areas where mold can appear, so an inspection would be ideal to add to the service. If mold is found, a mold remediation can ensure the problem is eliminated. The boiler room’s safety requirements should also be checked by specialists in case of any potential issues.

While these businesses are most likely swept and cleaned regularly, there’s always a need for a professional hand in areas like the ducts, boiler room, and floors. Employees work better in a clean space, and customers appreciate a well-maintained waiting area.

At Enviro-Air, we have the technology, equipment, and a combined 20 years of experience to produce superior results. Whether you require light industrial cleaning or deep cleaning and degreasing floors, we’re ready to handle the job.